Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge

Virtual LIVE Experience!

The Business of Health, Fitness & Nutrition!


Learn How Your Health, Fitness, Wellness or Nutrition Knowledge Fits Into a Proven SYSTEM That will Generate $10K+ Per Month for Your Business

*November 2022 EVENT Dates TBA!

Dickens Fenelon, CFNS, IFBB Pro - Health & Fitness Coach

Dickens Fenelon,


"With Lucho & Lisza's help, I hit my goal of  6 figures within 8 months, and doubled it my 2nd year!”

Kim Lipe, CFNS - Health & Fitness Coach

Kim Lipe, CFNS

"within 3 weeks of returning home, I made $5,373.00 by implementing just ONE of the strategies I learned at the LIVE 3 day event”

The Ultimate Virtual Experience for Medical, Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Coaches, and Professionals!

What You Will Learn At This 3 Day Immersive Health, Wellness & Nutrition Business Experience:


How to CONVERT 4 Out Of 6 Qualified  Prospects into High Paying Clients Using Proven Language Skills to Increase Enrollments 30-60%!  Includes specific NLP training to attract clients naturally & easily. 


How to CREATE More Freedom through simple SYSTEMS to Leverage your Knowledge & Expertise. Includes the What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ to Simplify your process and save you TIME!


How to AUTOMATE Your Business To Easily Add an Additional $5,000 - $10,000/Month With Cutting Edge Referral, Recurring & Re-Education Systems to increase Profitable Cash Flow for Your Business.

Are You Doing Things the HARD WAY?

You Know What We Mean...

  • You feel STUCK or even paralyzed about how to grow your business or practice. How to transition your clients to virtual and even grow that opportunity.

  • You are either crazy busy OR dead quiet because you don't know how to scale or build profitable SYSTEMS.

  • You spend a lot of time and money hunting down clients on social media, yet have little to show for that effort & you make just enough to keep the doors open but not enough to pay yourself.

  • You're not quite clear of your bigger vision and are confused about what to do next, when, where and how.

  • You keep learning as much as you can about nutrition, yet a new fad seems to come up daily and you don’t know how to put it all together.

  • You love what you do, but the time it sucks out of you makes you wonder if this is the right choice for you

OR, Are You Ready To...

  • Simplify your business and implement step by step strategies that double or triple your client conversions, attract high value clients that stay with you, will refer more clients and Get RESULTS Fast.

  • Utilize a SIMPLE Proven SYSTEM that you can implement immediately and have your clients Excited to book with you!

  • Get Clarity of your bigger vision so you know EXACTLY what to do next, when, where and how.

  • Put it all together in a cutting edge system that can easily clear the clutter of what is hype and what is science based results.

  • Know that this is ABSOLUTELY the right choice and the right place for you to be!

This Event is focused on CUSTOM BUSINESS SYSTEMS and the BUSINESS, SALES & MARKETING STRATEGIES Necessary to Build a Thriving, Lucrative Health, Fitness, Wellness or Nutrition Practice!

Even if you are already Certified through another program, do you know how to put it all together?  Do you have a Proven SYSTEM to MONETIZE Your Health, Fitness or Nutrition Knowledge?

We've heard over and over again from people just like you who have been certified through other programs and are very happy with what they learned... Such as 101 different diet modalities, or how to "categorize" their clients as Endomorphs, Ectomorphs or Mesomorphs but are still at a loss on what to do with that information and how to monetize it. 

Learning 101 different diet modalities is great, but not very useful if you don’t know how to apply those to your specific clients. It would be like going to mechanic school, have them show you a bunch of really cool tools yet not teaching you how to use them.

In this 3 day event you will learn how to create more Time Freedom through implementing simple SYSTEMS to Leverage your Knowledge & Expertise. 

Learn how SMALL TWEAKS can make a BIG IMPACT. For example, we will cover how to create Custom Nutrition Programs for:

  • Endurance/Xtreme Athletes
  • Figure, Fitness & Bodybuilders
  • Regular Weight Loss/Weight Gain Clients
  • Obese Clients
Mory Larson, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist of ABSolute Fitness and Nutrition

Mory Larson, CFNS

"The floodgates have opened... Thanks to the Mentoring of Lucho & Lisa, I've opened a 2nd location and attracting the right clients that like learning about nutrition and are not afraid to pay for it"

How Would Your Business Change If You Could EASILY Attract Eager Clients, Charge What YOU Are Worth, And Make an Additional $100,000 or More Doing What You Love?

This event will be 3 days of nuts and bolts Business Training sharing cutting edge techniques and strategies that are currently working in today's marketplace!

Listen to what National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee,

FORBES RILEY has to say about the event...

And, 12x Mr. Olympia Top 5 Competitor

"Sugar" Shawn Ray...

If you can relate to ANY of this, we need to talk...

  • You're struggling to find clients who will pay you for your expertise; and find yourself giving away your advice for FREE!

  • You're doing everything you can think of doing to grow your business, but your lack of results makes you feel like a failure.

  • You're getting out to network and talking to people, but just can't find a way to get them to say YES to your services.

  • You're feeling disillusioned and frustrated that making this business "work" is so hard.

  • You see other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners making 6 figures (and even multiple 6 figures) you yearn for, but you secretly wonder if it's possible for you.

  • You've been "Certified" by another program, but you simply aren't making money (or enough money) from it.

  • You want to Leverage your Time & Resources, but you're not sure how to structure the programs.

  • You are sick of all the emails, teleseminars and absurd amount of "same ole' same ole'" information and marketing hype that has you feeling PUMPED UP, but actually leaves you more confused about EXACTLY what you need to DO to get the RESULTS you REALLY want.

Our Powerful Business Model Teaches You to MONETIZE Your Health, Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Certifications and Trainings while Creating Long-Term Consistent Income

We are only working with a handful of SERIOUS Health, Fitness, Wellness or Nutrition Professionals and Business Owners who are tired of their situation and are ready to implement a life changing SYSTEM and create the life they dream of.

Dear Serious Business Owner,

Notice that we didn't say "people running their business as a money sucking hobby" or "person waiting around thinking about starting or growing their business one day" or "person who proclaims that they want to change the world" (just so long as they don't have to be uncomfortable and work hard at doing it)... We said Serious Business Owner.

someone who has a passion or a gift or a mission or a calling to serve the world in a greater way and makes tons of money doing it - choosing to live life on his or her terms.

Because frankly, we're OVER talking to people who claim they want the immense perks of owning their own business (more money, more freedom, living life on your terms), but are unwilling to actually DO and BE what it really takes to get those results... If you have ever spoken to someone like that, you know exactly what we are talking about.

No thanks.  (if that is you, we promise we are not the coaches for you and you should run away from this page now and get off our list).

Still here?  Okay good.  You are heading in the right direction.

Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge Virtual Live Experience for Health, Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition Professionals, Coaches and Business Owners
Russ Sherman, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Health & Fitness Coach

Russ Sherman, CFNS

"This program has gotten my clients the best results of their lives...  I searched high and low for the absolute BEST Nutrition Certification and business training program, and this is it!"

And, if you are NOT yet Certified or want to add an Additional Certification, you are in luck...

The VIP package INCLUDES a Complete 

CEU Accredited Nutrition Certification Course...

As A Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™

Build Your Health, Fitness, Wellness or Nutrition Coaching Career with a Proven Nutrition SYSTEM & CUSTOM Nutrition Software that Provides Measurable Results for Your Clients!

Business Training

Complete Business in a Box - Start Earning Right Away!

NASM CEU Provider for nutrition, health & fitness continuing education

1.9 CEU's

Study Online

Complete Online Access 24/7.

Study at your own pace. Fit it into your schedule.

AFAA,  CEU Provider for health & fitness continuing education

15 CEU's

Earn CEU's

CEU Accredited for 15+ years.

See Below

NCCPT,  CEU Provider for health & fitness continuing education

1.0 CEU's

Custom Software

Student Access to Create Custom Nutrition Programs. 

DFY Formulas!

ISSA,  CEU Provider for nutrition & fitness continuing education

20 CEU's

You need it.  Your business needs it.  Your clients need it.

3 Day Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge Program

Your VIP MYNK Registration Includes...

  • 1 Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Online Course​- Providing the following CEU's upon completion: 1.9 NASM, 20 ISSA, 1.0 NCCPT - Get started on the course requirements the second you complete your registration ($495.00 Value)

  • 6 Months What Works® Custom Nutrition Software License​- Full access to the Professional Online Version Software upon completion of the Course ($594.00 value)

  • 3 Months FREE Business Builder Coaching Program - Ongoing Coaching included for 3 months ($97.00 x 3 = $291.00 value)

  • Lifetime Access to the Private MYNK Facebook Group

  • 3 Days Hands-On Event Focused on YOUR Business with Lucho & Lisza ($2,997.00 value)

  • SPECIAL - VIP Interactive Dashboard Access

  • SPECIAL - VIP Lunch & Learn Access

  • SWAG + Virtual Participation Kit ​- (over $150.00 value)*

  • 1 Customized Convert * Create * Automate Blueprint​ for you to use in YOUR Business (priceless)

  • Event Binder with PowerPoint Printouts, handouts, etc. ($100.00 value)*

  • A power-packed follow-up Q&A Video Conference for all attendees.

  • *Virtual Happy Hour Party & Entertainment!

  • 1/2 Day PRIVATE Mastermind Round table - ($2500 value)

  • 1 Hour PRIVATE Coaching Call with Lucho & Lisza ($1000 value) after event

*Must be Registered on or before 11/01/2022 to Receive the Event Binder & Swag Bags

TOTAL VALUE:  $8,127.00

Check out what past attendees have to say about the

Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge


Your Program Has Completely Transformed My Business!

In just a matter of 3 weeks, I was able to grow my business from one client, to over 25 clients. Not only is the software producing results for my business, it is changing the lives of my clients. Many clients are seeing huge results withing the first two weeks. My clients are losing on average 4 – 7.5 pounds every 2 weeks and upwards of 2-5% body fat. But what excites me the most is that they are learning new habits that are going to stay with them for life. These are the kind of changes that impact people forever and create a lasting, successful business. Thank you for providing the tools I needed to help my clients reach their full potential.


Stephanie Gillam, B.S., M.B.A.

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Runners Edge SMART Pacing Team

Nikki LaBarbera, Certified Fitness Nutritions Specialist, creator of the Fat Burn Yoga Certification Program & Owner of Frisco Yoga & Nutrition

"Implementing the Nutrition piece in my business, sets us apart from the competition and has added a consistent revenue stream into our studio"

Nicole LaBarbera, CFNS

Dickens Fenelon, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Trainer, Nutrition Coach

"After breaking 6 Figures my first 8 months working with Lucho & Lisza, my business has DOUBLED in the second year, with their guidance"

Dickens Fenelon, IFBB PRO, CFNS

Unni Greene, CFNS, The "Diet Diva" Fitness Expert and owner of SoMi Fitness

"Your Program is Outstanding and I have found it to be 100% Successful"

Unni Greene, CFNS,The "Diet Diva"

They Took it to the Next Level.

“Compared to just taking the course, this event took it to the next level. This is definitely helping me take my business and all those that attend - to the next level. The experience was SUPERB.

My takeaway - How I do Something, is how I do Everything”

Let that sink in...,

Jason Noel, CFNS

3 Day Monetize Your Nutrition Knowledge Virtual Experience Agenda*

Coming November 2022

*Schedule Subject to Change

Day 1

9:00 am - 12:00 pm: Registration

12:00 - 12:30 pm: Welcome & Introduction

12:30 - 2:00 pm: Presentations

2:00 - 2:15 pm: Break

2:15 - 4:45 pm: Presentations

4:45 - 5:00 pm: Break 

5:00 - 6:00 pm: Presentations

Day 2

9:00 - 10:30 am: Presentations

10:30 - 10:45 am: Break

10:45 - 12:30 pm: Presentation

12:30 - 1:30 pm: Lunch Break

1:30 - 3:00 pm: Presentation

3:00 - 3:15 pm: Break

3:15 - 5:30 pm: Presentations

5:30 - 7:00 pm:  Networking & Entertainment Party*

Day 3

9:00 - 10:45 am: Presentations

10:45 - 11:00 am: Break

11:00 - 12:30 pm: Presentations

12:30 - 2:00 pm: Lunch Break

2:00 - 3:45 pm: Presentations

3:45 - 4:00 pm: Break

4:00 - 4:30 pm: Presentation